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KidWind Solar Energy Exploration Kit

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Explore solar energy with this innovative science kit designed to help students investigate energy transformations. A hinged box helps students discover how the angle of photovoltaic panels relative to the sun affects power output. Compare your experimental findings to online sun-angle calculators.

Three solar panels allow you to explore series and parallel circuits. Learn about the effect of important variables in photovoltaic systems, such as the effects of shade, temperature and load on solar panel output. Harness energy from the solar panels to pump water or power a small motor.

Box dimensions: 334 x 194 x 114mm
Maximum power output: 1.2W (6V x 200mA in series or 2V x 600mA in parallel)

Track and document the path of the sun: Create a solar resource sun track by testing angles and taking sample data throughout the day. Use a graph to develop a sun angle curve for optimal solar panel angle.
Compare the Solar Energy Exploration Kit result of your testing to a sun angle website.
Water pumping time trials: Experiment in teams with how much water can be pumped over a period of time using parallel and series circuitry.

Clean energy; discovering and discussing solar power as an energy source
Exploring energy transformations; designing, building and evaluating devices that convert one form of energy into another
Understanding circuits and electricity
Developing and using physical models
Designing controlled experiments
Optimizing designs
Analyzing data
Learning about weather and climate

1 hinged plastic box
1 Sound and Light Board
1 clear 102mm Protractor
6 sets of Velcro fastener (50mm strips)
1 small water pump
3 Solar Panels, 2V/400mA
1 clear plastic tubing (1.5m x 6.35mm ID)
7 cardboard Blade Sheets (76 x 305mm)
1 Power Output Pack

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details