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Vernier Go Direct Mini GC.
GDX-GC hexane graph using free Vernier Instrumental Analysis.
Vernier Go Direct Mini GC.
GDX-GC hexane graph using free Vernier Instrumental Analysis.

Vernier Go Direct Mini GC

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Teach students chromatography with this affordable, portable mini gas chromatograph that detects polar and nonpolar compounds. Students can separate, analyze and identify substances contained in a volatile liquid or gaseous sample with the easy-to-use Vernier Go Direct Mini GC and the free Vernier Instrumental Analysis app View >>>>

Vernier Go Direct Mini GC can connect via Bluetooth wireless technology or wired via USB to your device, providing an opportunity for you to choose the solution best for your laboratory. An interface is not required.

Developed with Seacoast Science, Vernier Go Direct Mini GC uses an efficient, software-controlled internal pump system. This design allows the Vernier Go Direct Mini GC to use room air as the carrier gas so there is no need to purchase an external carrier gas tank or maintain a gas filtration system.

Easily incorporate gas chromatography into your curriculum using Vernier's e-book Chromatography Experiments with the Go Direct Mini GC available for free with your purchase. Essential instructor information and word-processing files of student instructions for each of these experiments will be provided upon purchase:
Using Gas Chromatography: Identifying an Unknown Compound
Gas Chromatography Basics: Column Temperature and Loading
Dehydration of 2-methylcyclohexanol
Detection of Chemical Isomers with Gas Chromatography
Fischer Esterification: Preparation of Banana Oil

You can also use this mini gas chromatograph to identify unknown compounds, monitor chemical reactions and measure products from a distillation.
Typical compounds and acceptable boiling points:
C1C6 Alcohols 50-175C
C1C8 Aldehydes 50-175C
C3C4 Amides 150-250C
C1C4 Carboxylic acids 100-150C
C2C10 Esters 30-200C
C2C8 Ethers 30-110C
C5C8 Heterocycles 100-150C
C1C8 Halogenated hydrocarbons 30-120C
C3C8 Ketones 50-175C
C2C5 Nitriles 50-120C
C1C6 Nitroalkane/aromatic 100-210C
C3C9 Phosphonates 180-210C
C4C8 Sulphides 90-150C
C4C12 Alkanes 30-220C
C6C11 Aromatics 80-220C

Vernier Go Direct Mini GC
Mini USB Cable
AC power supply
Hamilton Syringe (1.0L volume)
Two extra septa (a third septum is already installed)
Chromatography Experiments with the Go Direct Mini GC, an electronic lab book with five investigations, available as a free download from your Vernier account
Carrying case

Column: Restek MXT-502.2 Siltek-treated stainless steel column with proprietary diphenyl/dimethyl polysiloxane phase
Column operating temperature: 30C to 160C with a maximum heating ramp of 10C/min
Detector: The unique Seacoast Science carbon-nanotube chemiresistance detector is compatible with air as the carrier gas and provides sensitivity to polar and nonpolar compounds.
Power requirements: 24V DC, 2.5A from an external power supply
External power supply: rated for 100240V AC, 1.5A 5060Hz
Carrier gas: Ambient air
Environmental conditions: Temperature: 5-40C Humidity: 95% or less (non-condensing environment)
Liquid injection volume: 0.01 to 0.6L
Operating pressure (above ambient pressure): 1 to 21kPa

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details