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Vernier Go Direct Emissions Spectrometer

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Elevate emissions analysis with the Vernier Go Direct Emissions Spectrometer. This device connects via Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB to a tablet, computer or LabQuest®. With the Vernier Go Direct Emissions Spectrometer, students can measure spectra of light-emitting samples in the range of 350 to 950nm. The sensitivity of the linear CCD allows this spectrometer to be used with light bulbs, spectrum tubes or the sun.

Display and analyze spectral data on LabQuest 2, LabQuest 3, Logger Pro® or Vernier Spectral Analysis®. For analyzing the emissions of a spectrum tube, an optical fibre is recommended. For measuring spectra of large sources (such as the sun) or comparing types of light bulbs, the optical fibre is not necessary.

• Power supply: USB powered
• Detector: Linear CCD
• Wavelength range: 350–900nm
• Wavelength reporting interval: 1nm
• Optical resolution: 3.0nm (as determined by the full width of half maximum of hydrogen 434nm peak)
• Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm (as determined by hydrogen peaks)

• Vernier Go Direct Emissions Spectrometer
• Mini USB cable
• USB power adapter

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Educational use only:
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  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty
    • Product size: 101x45x70mm (WHD)
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      User ManualVernier Go Direct Emissions Spectrometer

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