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Reverse Osmosis Deioniser System

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A deioniser is a great replacement for a traditional, energy wasting electric still as they use no electricity or cooling water.

Our Reverse Osmosis Deioniser has been specially built for us and has a 3 step deionisation process that uses a carbon filter, a reverse osmosis membrane and finally a mixed bed resin filter to guarantee a good supply of very pure water.

A traditional deioniser uses one or more filter cartridges to collect contaminants which are trapped and stored in the filters. With use the contaminants will decrease the purity of the deionised water and eventually block the filters. A major drawback is that the filters may not last long resulting in high running costs. Unless a water quality check is incorporated in the deioniser or external tests are run the deioniser can quickly provide contaminated water.

The Reverse Osmosis Deioniser works differently: a carbon filter initially removes contaminants (this one filter equates to the single step deionisation found in most traditional deionisers). The water then passes through a reverse osmosis membrane which removes further contaminants, finally the water goes through a mixed resin filter to remove the last contaminants. Replacing all filters/membranes in this 3 step process would be expensive were it not for the way the reverse osmosis membrane uses by-pass water to keep the membrane clean. The result is that our filters last a very long time. The filters we supply are very reasonably priced, the by-pass water is still useable but has a few extra contaminants, it can be stored for general use or allowed to flow into the drain.

A stand-alone TDS tester allows you to monitor water quality/purity.

Supplied with flexible hoses to facilitate easy connection to taps etc. Inlets and outlets are clearly marked. The provided hoses and fittings are designed to help restrict the flow of water so that the filters are not overloaded. All parts are readily available and are very economic to replace.

Supplied with:
A battery operated TDS tester for monitoring water quality on the fly
A spare carbon filter
Fittings for the customer to connect to a tap as found in most labs (just unscrew the tap's aerator and screw on the supplied fitting)
Fittings are also supplied for when you want a plumber to fit the deioniser into fixed plumbing or a braided line, some additional parts may need to be supplied by your plumber

Can be wall mounted
Can produce up to 200 litres per 24 hour day of deionised water at a mains pressure of 75 PSI.
The volume of deionised water will vary depending on water quality, temperature, filter condition and mains pressure (lower mains pressure will reduce the volume)
By-pass water is not wasted as it is used to flush and self-clean the filters/membrane before leaving the deioniser

Overall size for installation: 375 high x 345 wide x 150mm
Shipping weight 5kg.
Packed size: 560 x 360 x 230 approximately