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Vernier Digital Control Unit

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Including Vernier's DCU with your standard Vernier sensors provides a perfect way to implement hands-on STEM and engineering projects in the classroom. The engaging quality of DCU projects will appeal to students who may not necessarily be drawn to engineering or computer programming.

DCU projects can be simple and fast enough to easily integrate into your sensor-based science curriculum. For those students wanting more the DCU can be used to create fun sensor-based projects such as a motion-controlled drinking fountain or an automated blood pressure cuff.

Controlling an electrical device is easy with the DCU and Logger Pro 3 software or using your LabQuest 2 (version 2.7 or newer). The DCU connects to a Vernier interface the same way a digital sensor does. Just connect it to a digital port and an LED on the DCU will provide feedback when it is properly connected.

There are two easy ways to connect your electrical device to the DCU. Connect your electrical device to the DCU header pins or screw the electrical device’s wires into the DCU’s screw terminal.
Once the electrical device is attached to the DCU an external power supply such as the LabQuest power supply (not included) is required to power the device. Start Logger Pro and start using your DCU to run a low-cost STEM activity from simple DC electronic components. The DCU can also be connected to a Vernier SensorDAQ, National Instruments’ myDAQ or Arduino.

STEM extensions provide a way to take an existing Vernier science lab experiment and easily incorporate STEM. Use sensor data, the Vernier Digital Control Unit and Logger Pro software to quickly create sensor-based control systems.
• Cooling Fan
• Eye-Controlled LED
• Hand-Sensing Dryer
• Light-Sensitive Outdoor Light
• Pressure Indicator

• Vernier Digital Control Unit
• User manual

The Digital Control Unit requires a compatible interface and software to collect data. Interface and software sold separately.

Vernier DCU Terminal Plug Kit
The DCU comes with one plug but it may be useful to have extras.
DCU-PLUG includes four detachable wiring plug connectors and one precision slotted screwdriver that works with the small screws of the terminal plug.

• Output lines: 6 (Logger Pro software allows independent control of the first 3 lines)
• Maximum current on each line: 600mA
• Allowable power supply and output voltage: 5 to 12V

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Educational use only:
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