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Vernier Logger Pro 3 Software Electronic Version

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Vernier's Logger Pro is an easy to use data-collection and analysis software for Windows and Mac computers. The generous Site Licence covers a single school campus or in the case of a university, a single department at a single campus. The licence includes use on home computers belonging to all teachers and students currently attending the licensed school campus or university department.

Vernier Logger Pro 3 updates are released regularly and are free

Data Sharing: Vernier Logger Pro 3 can send data from a computer to iPads, Chromebooks and tablets
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• Supports over 80 Vernier sensors for real-time graphing and analysis.
• Auto-ID sensors make setup effortless.
• Use a variety of data-collection modes as needed for your experiment: time-based data, selected events, events with typed-in entries, photogate, radiation counting and more.
• Collect data from a variety of sources including LabQuest, LabQuest Mini, LabPro, WDSS, spectrometers, GPS, Ohaus balances, ProScope HR and more.
• Manually enter data for graphing and analysis.
• Import data from Vernier interfaces.
• Capture videos to add a visual record of an experiment synchronized with your data.
• Analyze a video frame by frame or take measurements from a still photo.
• Draw predictions on a graph before collecting data.
• Perform statistical analysis of data including integrals, tangents, curve fits and more.
• Lay out graphs, tables and text as needed across multiple pages to describe your experiment.
• Read values and slope from graphs using examine and tangent line tools.
• Print graphs and data tables.
• 12 built-in self-guided tutorials.
• Write labs in Logger Pro or export data to Word or Excel.
• Includes over 1,000 experiment files supported by Vernier's library of lab books.
• Develop your own experiment files to match your curriculum.

Advanced Features:
• XY graphs, log graphs, double-Y graphs, strip charts and FFT graphs
• Model data with user-adjustable functions.
• Extract data from movies using frame-by-frame video analysis.
• Capture videos from DV cameras and web cameras.
• Play back movies synced to sensor data.
• Gel electrophoresis analysis
• Calculated columns allow you to graph new quantities such as kinetic energy.
• Time of day and date stamps for graphing
• Ocean Optics spectrometer support
• GPS support
• GC peak analysis
• Manual configuration mode for IB courses

• Vernier Logger Pro 3 software download
• Site licence for all computers in your school or university department, including students’ and teachers' personal computers.
• Free software updates for any version of Logger Pro 3
• Quick reference manual

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

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This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSCH016 - Chemical fundamentals - Properties and structure of atoms - Trends in the observable properties of elements are evident in periods and groups in the periodic table
ACSCH030 - Chemical fundamentals - Properties and structure of materials - Ions are atoms or groups of atoms that are electrically charged due to an imbalance in the number of electrons and protons; ions are represented by formulae which include the number of constituent atoms and the charge of the ion (for example, O2–, SO42–)
ACSCH032 - Chemical fundamentals - Properties and structure of materials - The characteristic properties of metals (for example, malleability, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity) are explained by modelling metallic bonding as a regular arrangement of positive ions (cations) made stable by electrostatic forces of attra
ACSPH073 - Linear Motion and Waves - Waves - A mechanical system resonates when it is driven at one of its natural frequencies of oscillation; energy is transferred efficiently into systems under these conditions
ACSPH072 - Linear Motion and Waves - Waves - The superposition of waves in a medium may lead to the formation of standing waves and interference phenomena, including standing waves in pipes and on stretched strings
ACSPH102 - Gravity and electromagnetism - Electromagnetism - Electrostatically charged objects exert a force upon one another; the magnitude of this force can be calculated using Coulomb’s Law
ACSPH099 - Gravity and electromagnetism - Gravity and motion - Projectile motion can be analysed quantitatively by treating the horizontal and vertical components of the motion independently
ACSBL091 - Heredity and continuity of life - Continuity of life on Earth - In additional to environmental selection pressures, mutation, gene flow and genetic drift can contribute to changes in allele frequency in a population gene pool and results in microevolutionary change
ACSBL090 - Heredity and continuity of life - Continuity of life on Earth - Natural selection occurs when selection pressures in the environment confer a selective advantage on a specific phenotype to enhance its survival and reproduction; this results in changes in allele frequency in the gene pool of a population
ACSBL085 - Heredity and continuity of life - DNA genes and the continuity of life - Frequencies of genotypes and phenotypes of offspring can be predicted using probability models, including Punnett squares, and by taking into consideration patterns of inheritance, including the effects of dominant, autosomal and sex-linked alleles and mu
ACSCH133 - Structure synthesis and design - Chemical synthesis and design - Designing chemical synthesis processes includes identifying reagents and reaction conditions in order to maximise yield and purity of product
ACSCH132 - Structure synthesis and design - Chemical synthesis and design - Designing chemical synthesis processes involves constructing reaction pathways that may include more than one chemical reaction
ACSCH134 - Structure synthesis and design - Chemical synthesis and design - The yield of a chemical synthesis reaction can be calculated by comparing stoichiometric quantities with actual quantities
ACSCH130 - Structure synthesis and design - Properties and structure of organic materials - Data from analytical techniques, including mass spectrometry, x­ray crystallography and infrared spectroscopy, can be used to determine the structure of organic molecules, often using evidence from more than one technique

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ExperimentMB31 Gel Analysis DNA
ExperimentMB32 Population Genetics and Evolution
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User ManualGetting Started - Connecting your sensor

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