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MMS007, Molymod Biochemistry Teacher Set.
MMS007, Molymod Biochemistry Teacher Set.

Molymod Biochemistry Teachers Set

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A genuine Molymod® product NOT a cloned look-a-like.
Supplied in two large plastic boxes containing a total of 257 atom parts plus links and link remover tools as listed below:
42 x Carbon, 4-holes tetrahedral, black
24 x Carbon, 3-holes trigonal, black
2 x Carbon, 2-holes linear, black
12 x Nitrogen, 4-holes tetrahedral, blue
12 x Nitrogen, 3-holes trigonal, blue
10 x Nitrogen, 2-holes angular, blue
20 x Oxygen, 2-holes angular, red
10 x Oxygen, 2-holes linear, red
10 x Oxygen, 1-hole, red
10 x Hydrogen, 2-hole linear, white
100 x Hydrogen, molydome, white
2 x Sulphur, 2-hole angular, yellow
6 x Phosphorus, 4-hole tetrahedral, purple
1 x Metal, 4-holes tetrahedral, grey
1 x Metal, 6-holes octahedral, grey
150 x NV Links, colourless
10 x V Links, grey
2 x Link Remover Tool

A genuine Molymod(r) product made in the U.K. not a cloned look-a-like.

Last edited 7th Jan 2022

This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSSU187 - Chemical Sciences - Chemical Reactions - Different types of chemical reactions are used to produce a range of products and can occur at different rates
ACSSU186 - Chemical Sciences - Periodic table - The atomic structure and properties of elements are used to organise them in the Periodic Table

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