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Vernier Sound Level Sensor

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The Vernier Sound Level Sensor allows you to easily measure sound level in decibels (dB) in a variety of school settings. Simply connect and collect. No background knowledge of sound-level weighting, response times or the decibel scale is needed to use this sensor.

The Sound Level Sensor is A-weighted, meaning it responds to sound loudness the same way the human ear does. It measures sound level to within 3dB along a single range from 50 to 100dB, with no need to switch between ranges during an experiment. You can monitor classroom sound levels, measure reverberation time and investigate sound insulation.

For in-depth sound studies the SLM-BTA Vernier Sound Level Meter is a better tool for high school or university physics.
If you are interested in collecting sound waves data use the MCA-BTA Vernier Microphone.

Response: A-weighted
Range: 55110 dB
Accuracy: 3 dB
Resolution: 0.1 dB
Frequency Range: 3010,000 Hz

Sensor Requirements:
The Vernier Sound Level Sensor requires a compatible interface and software to collect data. Interface and software sold separately.
The Vernier Sound Level Sensor is compatible with these interfaces:
LabQuest 2
Original LabQuest
LabQuest Mini
NXT Sensor Adapter
Vernier EasyLink
TI-Nspire Lab Cradle

Software Requirements:
The Sound Level Sensor requires data-collection software:
Logger Pro 3 for use with computers. Version 3.10 or newer is required.
Logger Lite for use with computers. Version 1.9 or newer is required.
LabQuest 2 App for LabQuest 2 used as a standalone device. Version 2.6 or newer is required.
LabQuest App for the original LabQuest used as a standalone device. Version 1.7.4 or newer is required.

Download the current Vernier K-12 Catalogue
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Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

  • Warranty: 5 years
    • Package size (HxWxD): 32 x 127 x 203mm
    • Packed weight: 90g This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
      ACSSU020 - Physical Sciences - Light and Sound - Light and sound are produced by a range of sources and can be sensed
      ACSSU155 - Physical Sciences - Energy Forms - Energy appears in different forms, including movement (kinetic energy), heat and potential energy, and energy transformations and transfers cause change within systems
      ACSSU182 - Physical Sciences - Energy Transfer - Energy transfer through different mediums can be explained using wave and particle models

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      User ManualGetting Started - Connecting your sensor

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