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Adam Mechanical Balance 2610g x 0.1g

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Triple Beam Balances are a low cost mechanical balance, which meet the requirements for high precision and reliable weighing in laboratories, schools and industry. These balances require external calibration and are useful for applications such as weighing, net weight/tare, below balance weighing, density of liquids or solids and filling. The balances measures in grams, are 505x110x160mm in dimension and weigh 2.7kg.

The TBB 2610S has a maximum capacity of 2610g, a readability of 0.1g and a pan size of 152mm. It also has a ruler for measuring (cm), weight holders and a security brackets as well as tripod legs for density determination.

This Adam balance comes with a three year warranty.

Note: This product is purchased as required, returns are therefore not accepted.

Last edited 1st Mar 2022

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