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Side view.
Go!Motion front views with sensor head closed (LH) and open (RH).
Vernier Go!Motion.
Side view.
Go!Motion front views with sensor head closed (LH) and open (RH).
Vernier Go!Motion.

Vernier Go!Motion Data Logger Teacher Pack of 8

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Save money when you purchase the Vernier Go!Motion Teacher Pack which includes eight Go!Motion USB motion detectors.

Go!Motion is Vernier's motion detector that connects directly to a computer or Chromebook USB port eliminating the need for an additional data-collection interface, making it fast and easy to set up experiments and start collecting a wide range of real-time motion data.

Go!Motion is used to collect the position, velocity and acceleration data of moving objects. It can track objects as close 15cm and as far away as 6m. The sensor also features reduced noise and temperature compensation to ensure accuracy.
• Analyse the motion of a ball, a cart on a ramp or a pendulum
• Adjust sensitivity to track the motion of objects close to Go!Motion or up to 6m away
• Attach Go!Motion to a track like the one included in the DTS Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System to study velocity and acceleration

• 8 Vernier Go!Motion
• 8 Standard USB cables
• Free Logger Lite software download
• User manual

• Range: 0.15 to 6m
• Resolution: 1mm
• Temperature Compensation: Automatic
• Accuracy: 2mm
• Ultrasound Frequency: 50kHz
• Power Consumption: 51mA
• Power Source: USB/DIG (Computers, LabQuest) or 4AA batteries (Calculators)

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

  • Warranty: 5 years
    • Package size (HxWxD): 83 x 254 x 330mm
    • Packed weight: 2.06kg

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      This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
      ACSSU190 - Physical Sciences - Energy Conservation - Energy conservation in a system can be explained by describing energy transfers and transformations
      ACSSU229 - Physical Sciences - Forces and Motion - The motion of objects can be described and predicted using the laws of physics
      ACSSU033 - Physical Sciences - Forces and Moving - A push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape
      ACSSU219 - Physical Sciences - Alternative Energies - Energy from a variety of sources can be used to generate electricity
      ACSSU117 - Physical Sciences - Forces and Machines - Change to an object’s motion is caused by unbalanced forces, including Earth’s gravitational attraction, acting on the object

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      CatalogueVernier Catalogue K-12
      CatalogueVernier Catalogue Uni
      User ManualGetting Started - Connecting your sensor
      User ManualVernier Go!Motion

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