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Vernier Projectile Launcher

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Use the Vernier Projectile Launcher to investigate important concepts in two-dimensional kinematics. Launch steel balls at angles between 0 and 70 degrees and over distances up to 2.5m

The solid heavy base provides an easy-to-use and reliable setup. A unique pneumatic launching system ensures excellent repeatability and allows the launch speed to be set.

Built-in photogates and angle markings give easy and accurate measurement of the ball’s launch velocity, enabling precise quantitative analysis of projectile motion. Simply plug the device into a compatible data-collection interface.

• Launch angle: 0°-70°
• Launch speed: 0-6m/s
• Launch height: 146mm
• Maximum launch distance: 2.5m
• Internal photogate interval: 50mm
• Steel ball diameter: 17.46mm
• Steel ball mass: 21.8g

Sample experiments include:
• Investigate the independence of the horizontal and vertical motion
• Use the photogates to measure launch velocity
• Knowing the launch velocity, predict the landing point when a ball is launched horizontally from a table top
• Knowing the launch velocity and launch angle, predict the landing point when a ball is launched at an angle on a lab table
• Knowing the launch velocity and launch angle, launch a ball through a horizontal or vertical hoop
• Investigate projectile range as a function of launch angle
• Determine which launch angles give the same range
• Determine which launch angle gives the maximum range
• Investigate the repeatability of the launcher
• Use the launcher, a video camera and the video features of Logger Pro to observe the launch path
• Given a specific launch distance, calculate the launch velocity needed to hit the target. Use the photogates to set the device to that launch velocity and test your prediction.

• Launcher
• 6 Steel balls
• Hand pump
• 2 pairs of goggles
• Level
• Roll of wax marking paper
• Photogate cable
• User manual

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Educational use only:
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